Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Cole's Birth Story

I should have posted Cole's birth story forever ago but the first two months having him home have been crazy adjusting to having 2 babies! Crew is two and Cole is now two months so the age gap is challenging. I think it has been a little harder of an adjustment than I planned. I have struggled a lot with post partum depression this time too. I didn't have any of that when Crew was born so it has been hard dealing with it and trying to be a good mom to Crew. Things are slowly getting easier though and we love having Cole as part of our family!

I was induced a week early this time because Crew was 9.3 pounds so we knew we would probably be having another big boy. They started me on a cervix softer around 8 pm on October 25th. Luckily that put me into labor and I contracted and progressed all night. (No sleep at all! the contractions were so painful) Around 7 in the morning I got my epidural and was able to rest but still wasn't able to sleep. Around 11:30 my contractions were strong enough that it started to make Coles heart rate drop to the point that my doctor was concerned. They had already broken my water so they decided to insert a tube and shoot some water back up in to cushion him from the contractions squeezing him. Luckily that helped enough get us through the rest of the dilation process. At 12:45 I was ready to start pushing! I only pushed a few times and the little dude was out. He only weighed 7.11. That was such a shock to us since his brother was so big. He swallowed some fluid on his way out so he was struggling with that for the first day but other than that he was perfect and so healthy. We couldn't have asked for a better delivery. 

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