Thursday, August 3, 2017

27 week pregnancy update

I thought it would be fun to give everyone an update on how my pregnancy has been going. I was pretty nauseous and sick for the first 18 weeks! Once I made it to week 19 I started to feel so much better and got a lot of my energy back.

So far I haven't had many cravings with this pregnancy. Sugar tastes kind of gross..I am not too sad about that since normally I have a big problem avoiding sugar!

Next week I have a follow-up ultrasound to check my placenta. At my 18 week appointment it was about a centimeter from my cervix opening, the doctors like it to be at least 2.5 centimeters away from the opening in order to deliver vaginally. We are keeping our fingers crossed no c-section will be needed!

Overall I feel like I have had an easier pregnancy this time around other than maybe being more uncomfortable a lot quicker than with my first. I also got a hernia with Crew so that has caused me a lot of pain this time around!

My weight gain has been similar to my first pregnancy. (For the first half of the pregnancy at least). It has slowed down now and I haven't been gaining as much as I did before. So far I've gained 30 pounds. With Crew I gained close to 60 pounds by the end. I got quite a few stretch marks the first time around and haven't noticed any new ones as of now. (Thank the heavens)

I am getting so excited to meet this little guy in a few short months. I still can't believe I will be a momma of 2.

Thanks for reading!!