Friday, March 31, 2017

5 Apps to Improve Your Blog

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Between work, kids, and life in general, running a blog can take up time that we just don't have. Luckily we have discovered some amazing apps that help us with both the look of our blog and social media accounts, and our blog productivity. Today we decided to share five of our favorites that we use everyday!

WordSwag: We use this app for all of the quotes that we post. It has so many different fonts, colors, and background options so that you can tailor all of your posts to fit in with the theme of your Instagram. 

Pictapgo: This app is great for giving you more photo options. We use a specific filter from this app on all of our Instagram pictures for continuity and to improve the look of our posts. 

Hootsuite: This app is great for scheduling posts. One of the best times to post Instagram pictures is right around when you are probably sitting down for dinner. This app allows you to schedule your picture or blog post at your convenience with minimal interruption to your life. 

Wunderlist: This app is a list and task manager app that makes organizing your life a lot easier. That way you can balance the kids, work, and your blog ;)

Scope: This  app creates a personal news feed for most of your social networking sites so you no longer have to jump from app to app.

What are you favorite apps?

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