Thursday, February 9, 2017

An "Uncommonly" Good Valentines

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Hey Everyone! We are so excited to be teaming up with to bring you a Valentine's Day Gift Guide guaranteed to help you out with coming up with an original gift for that special someone in your life. We recently discovered this site and we are in love! is an online marketplace that connects artists and makers of sustainable, handmade products from around the world with buyers who are looking for uncommon, original items. One thing that really struck me about this company, besides the ridiculously cute things on their website, was their mission statement. As part of their mission, Uncommongoods is a founding member of what's called "B Corporation", an organization created to help customers understand the social and environmental impact of their purchases. Having a "B seal" on a product means that a company has met the standards outlined in a comprehensive screening questionnaire, which evaluates a company on issues ranging from providing a living wage, to lessening their impact on the environment, to giving back to the community. Pretty cool right? 

On a lighter note, something else we really liked about their company is their curated lists designed to help out with special occasions. Besides their Valentine's Day gift guide, they also have lists dedicated to helping you out with weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. We often find ourselves struggling to find a gift that is both personalized and original, and are so excited to have discovered a site to providing just that! Hopefully our list will give you some good ideas about what to buy for Valentine's Day. Enjoy!

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