Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gender Reveal Party

We decided to do genetic testing early on since sometimes your eggs can be damaged in IVF procedures such as the ICSI procedure we added to our IVF cycle. The genetic testing also gives you the ability to find out the sex of your baby really early on. We did the genetic testing at around 13 weeks when the baby's fetal cells would be easily detectable in my blood. We left on our babymoon trip to Italy a few days later so we decided we would Skype the doctor's office at about a week into our trip to find out the results. Our time in Florence was my favorite part of our trip, not only because Florence is gorgeous, but also because that's where we found out the gender of our baby. After reassuring us that the baby appeared to be perfectly healthy as far as chromosome defects went, the nurse told us we were having a girl. I immediately burst into tears. I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.

During IVF, something that gave me a lot of hope that it would work was a dream that I had where I was holding a baby girl. I felt so strongly for those first 13 weeks that I was having a girl. Even though we would have been thrilled for a baby of either gender, I felt so strongly that it was a girl that it was hard to even think about us actually having a boy. 

When we got home from our trip a few weeks later we made our families wait one more week before hosting a small gender reveal bbq with Sky's family and my grandma. We also face-timed my family from Texas in since they weren't able to make it in for the party. 

I found some ideas on Pinterest that I thought would work great. I ordered a giant black balloon from Amazon with pink confetti inside and a tissue paper tail to go on the balloon from Etsy. When we actually went to get the black balloon blown up with gas, we realized that we had been sent a balloon with about 12 holes in it. We ran to Zurchers to try and find another giant balloon, and realized that Zurchers was running low and only had yellow and light blue for balloon options. It must have been hilarious to watch Sky and I attempt to stuff the pink confetti from the defective black balloon into the light blue balloon in the middle of the Zurchers' balloon aisle. Once we got the blue balloon blown up we realized that it was totally see-through! We had about 5 minutes before guests were going to arrive at our house so Sky just threw some pink tissue paper on the bottom of the balloon to hide the confetti. It must have worked at keeping the confetti a surprise since most of both sides of our families guessed that the baby would be a boy, but just keep in mind when you watch the video that I did not intend for my balloon to look so ridiculous! It was so amazing to see everyone's surprise when pink confetti flew out! I also had bought a blue and pink cake with pink frosting in the middle for dessert. 

Danica put together a little video of the party that we are showing you today! Enjoy!


  1. Gender reveal parties are really interesting and full of fun. My sister planned a baby shower for her best friend at one of the unique Venues in San Francisco couple of months ago. She baked the wonderful cupcakes and cookies. Party was enjoyed by everyone.

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