Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Essential Oils for Babies

-Danica here-
I have had friends asking me what I use essential oils for and how I use them on my baby Crew, so I thought I would do a post explaining the different ones I use and their purpose!

My Mom introduced me to the use of essential oils, she sells them so it makes it really easy for me to get my hands on the ones I need.

The oil I reach for the most is called OnGuard. We put it in these cute little roller bottles and mix it with fractionated coconut oil to dilute it for Crew's skin. This is the one I use almost every single day on the bottoms of his feet. I seriously SWEAR by this stuff. Crew was born in the fall just in time for flu season to start so I was super paranoid about him getting sick. To this day he has had 1 cold. Doterra also has capsules of this oil that I take when I feel like I might be getting something and again, I swear to you, it gets rid of it before it starts.

Lavender is an oil I reach for on a daily basis as well. It has such a soothing scent and can do absolutely no harm, it has SO many uses. Any time Crew gets a scratch or rash or anything like that I use my roller bottle mixed with coconut oil and rub it wherever he needs it, within hours all of the redness is gone. I also use this on the bottoms of his feet at night to help calm him for sleep. I prefer it over the lavender scented baby lotions that are on the market.

Ginger is one of my favorites to use on Crew's belly when he is showing signs of an upset stomach. I just roll it clockwise from the roller bottle a couple times and rub it in. It really helped when he was a newborn and had air in his tummy or just seemed fussy for no reason. A lot of people recommended Gripe Water to me but I found Ginger worked better and faster for Crew.

I haven't used this next one a ton, but during the one cold Crew had this last Winter Breathe was a lifesaver! It is basically just a more natural version of Vick's. You dilute with coconut oil as usual and rub it on the chest to assist in opening the airway and helping them to breathe a little better when they are super congested. I'm sure I will get more use out of this oil as time goes on! This oil is also a great one to use in the diffuser. I just drop a couple drops in when Jantzen or I get a cold and diffuse it while we sleep.

This is just one of the diffusers that is available, I love it!

Another one that has come in handy a lot the last few months is Roman Chamomile mixed with Lavender. I use this one on the sides of his face for teething when he is extra fussy or hitting his face like his teeth hurt.

A couple of oils that I love to use for myself are Lemon and Wild Orange. Lemon is awesome in water if you are a lemon water lover like me. I also love to diffuse it in my kitchen after I clean up from dinner! It really helps to get rid of any food odors left behind.

Wild Orange is absolutely my favorite scent, I love to diffuse it, rub it on my arms, or just sniff it when I need a pick me up. This scent is known for its mood boosting capabilities and I swear by it. The smell of citrus helped with my nausea during pregnancy sooo much so I would just carry it around and smell it all day long. (I probably looked like a crazy person).

I hope this gives you guys some new ideas for how to use your essential oils! Let us know if you have any questions!

If you are interested in trying any of the oils just let me know or contact debyjohnston@hotmail.com


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