Friday, June 26, 2015

Week 25 Pregnancy Update!

25 week update:

How far along: week 25 day 1

How big is the baby: The size of a rutabaga (9 in, 1.7 lbs ish)

Cravings: I have craved hamburgers for the first time in my life the last few weeks. I love In and Out!!

Weight gain: 25 pounds. I have pretty much just stopped weighing myself at this point. I step on the scale at the doctor's office because they make me and that is it! I figure this really isn't the time in my life to be beating myself up about my weight.

Stretch Marks: Nothing new since the last update, I have been slathering the oil on my belly and inner and outer thighs at least twice a day.

Sleep: I have been sleeping super good the last few nights! I know it won't last but I'm going to enjoy it while it does. I haven't been waking up starving the last few nights either so that's awesome.

Thoughts: We had a follow up ultrasound yesterday. They found fluid on baby boys kidneys at my last appointment and they wanted to check back up on that to make sure it wasn't worse. The fluid is still there but from what they said it is pretty normal for little boys to get that and it will typically resolve itself by 36 weeks. They are going to keep monitoring it though just to be safe. They told us not to worry about it...I had to laugh when they said that because I am literally always worried about something with this little guy. Welcome to the rest of my life I guess!

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  1. Aw you look great! :) The size of a rutabaga, how cute is that!

    Renee | Lose The Road