Monday, May 4, 2015

Latest and Greatest

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Today I am sharing some of my latest favorite beauty finds. All of these products are now in my permanent rotation, and I can't believe I went so long without them! The NuMe curling wand gives me perfect waves that last all day, and the Redkin Dry Shampoo allows me to go at least 5 days without washing my hair! The PMD (a personal microdermabrasion tool) has become such an important part of my skin routine, and you can purchase it for 50% through Mint Arrow's website! I just discovered Urban Decay's eye shadow and let me tell you I am obsessed! It has such a good pigment and lasts all day without creasing! This GlamGlow mask has become my go-to for getting rid of breakouts.

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. I really must play around with some lashes! Thanks for sharing all of these great items!

  2. Ok, I'm going to have to try the Redken Dry Shampoo! I can consistently go 4 days without washing my hair by using dry shampoo on Day 4, but never 5 days.