Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gender Reveal and 21 week update!

We found out that we are having a BOY yesterday! We couldn't be more excited for him to arrive. He gave the ultrasound tech quite the time trying to get a picture of his gender. She had to dig around for awhile and I had to get up and move around for a few minutes to try and get him to move out of the tight ball he was curled up in. It was such a neat experience to watch him move around in there!

21 week update:

How far along: week 21 day 1

How big is the baby: The size of a banana

Cravings: I have loved cereal from day one of this pregnancy but I am still craving sushi and fish.

Weight gain: 21 pounds. My weight gain has slowed down a lot from the beginning. I was gaining really quick for awhile there. I have been really trying to focus on eating more veggies, fruit and protein to avoid gaining too much more.

Stretch Marks: I've noticed some stretch marks on my breasts but other than that nothing new so far. My belly button is starting to poke out a is such a weird thing to see, I've always had a very "inny" belly button.

Sleep: I sleep alright. I still wake up every 3-4 hours STARVING so I  get up and eat about twice a night. I used to eat only cereal at night because it was the only thing that didn't come back up but now that I've been feeling better I've been eating yogurt and bananas a lot for those late nights.

Thoughts: I am sooo excited to finally know what this little baby is! We held off buying anything until we found out the gender so I can finally start shopping :) I have started feeling some serious movement going on in my belly. Lots of kicking and punching and little flutters. Its is a very interesting feeling, I cant wait for him to get a little bigger so Jantz can feel him too.


  1. aw thats so awesome!! Congrats! :D

  2. Awwww congratulations on your baby boy!

  3. So very excited for you!!! Congrats on baby boy, can't wait to see lots of pics!! :-)