Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

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1. If you haven't see our posts about Rocksbox on our Instagram, you are missing out! Rocksbox is a jewelry rental service where you can borrow multiple designer jewelry pieces for a monthly fee of $19, and you can even buy the pieces you want to keep. I have gotten two boxes so far, and I'm obsessed. Brooke & Jane readers get a free month when you use the code brookejanexoxo! Trust me, you will love it. 

2. I know T-Swift's album has been out since November, but for those who didn't buy the Target version, her extra songs are now available on iTunes. New Romantics is probably my favorite song on the whole album. Seriously obsessed.

3. My favorite makeup blogger is back with a tutorial on how to get Kim Kardashian's new haircut. Maskcara is seriously an amazing makeup artist and hair stylist. Check her out!

4. I'm a 12 year old at heart so obviously I am dragging my husband to see the new Cinderella with me. Watch the trailer and you will want to go as well.

5. I've been trying to eat low carb so I can look like a fox on our upcoming Hawaii trip. I bought a tool that lets you make zucchini into noodles and so far I am loving it. I found this collection of recipes on Pinterest and I'm super excited to make them all!

6. If you missed our post last Friday, then you missed the fact that we are giving away $450 to Nordstrom. You still have time to enter though so don't worry;) Go here for your chance to win.


  1. I also really want to see the new Cinderella movie!

    X Marjolein

  2. Love this round up! Isn't Maskcara the best?!


  3. Great post! I want to see Cinderella as well so I can totally relate!

  4. Cinderella movie can't wait for the remake!

  5. No way!! Zucchini into noodles? I bet that is delicious
    xo Jaime

  6. Realllllly need to get my act together and go see Cinderella- it looks amazing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. Amazing favorites! I want to see Cinderella movie too! =D


  8. Ahhhh so that's how you make that zucchini spaghetti things. I thought you'd cut it up real fine or use a julienne tool. I can't stop laughing at myself right now!


  9. Great selection!! Love the necklace its gorgeous
    xo Jaime