Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's Now or Never!

Outfit Details
Running leggings: Gap (old) similar style (here) on sale!! | Running top: Marshall's similar (here and here) | Shoes: Brooks brand | Headband: Sports Authority (old) similar style (here)

I thought I would put my first New Year's Resolution out for everyone to see! I am beginning to start training for my first half marathon of the year. I couldn't be more excited to get back into my routine of running regularly. I miss the endorphins! I will most likely be following my routine that I posted a few months ago Half Marathon Training For The Busy Woman. I will post if I decide to try something new. I plan to give updates on how my training is going! I am prepared for this to be harder than it has in the past as I have never taken this much time off from regular routine running before, I have some serious muscle strength to build back!

Anyone planning to run any races this year??



  1. WooHoo! Way to keep that resolution. You look great, so that's inspiration enough to keep running.
    Texas Jak

  2. You go, girl!! We have the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, but I am not a runner...... unless it's inside on an elliptical. ;-) I've thought about walking in the half marathon because I love walking. Best of luck to you in your training!


  3. That's awesome!! Good luck! My sport is tennis, so I hope to play more once the weather warms up.
    xo Jaime