Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Favorites

1. Palette | 2. Mash-up | 3. Blazer | 4. the Skimm | 5. Quote | 6. Tory Burch Fitbit

1. This Bobbi Brown makeup palette is divine! The colors are the perfect neutral. I have been wearing it everyday! 
2. I'm sure you have seen this mashup but I had to put it my favorites this week. I have listened to it about 4.5 billion times and am still not sick of it. Plus Taylor Swift is "obsessed" with it, so that must mean its good right?
3. I'm getting this blazer for my birthday. I have been searching for a blazer with leather accents and this blazer from Ann Taylor Loft is perfect. 
4. I believe its super important to remain up to date with current events but its really hard with a time consuming job. I discovered the Skimm last week and I'm in love! It sends you an email every day with all the current events you need to know about. It's free so really its a win-win situation. Try it out and impress your coworkers ;)
5. We shared this quote earlier this week, but I thought it was too good not to share again. I've been choosing salads instead of burgers lately and I need the extra inspiration.
6. I really want a Fitbit for my birthday, but I've been kind of worried about it cramping my fashion lifestyle (lame I know). This Tory Burch bracelet would definitely fix that concern..hint, hint Skyler...I just wish it was cheaper. A girl can dream though right?


  1. Amazing choices!! :-) Have a fab weekend and stay warm!!



  2. I'm obsessed with the Blank Space song itself, but never heard the mashup.
    Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!


  3. I've just started reading The Skimm! Love it. Great post!

    Heidi D.

  4. I love The Skimm! It's such a fun way to get the news! And that TB Fitbit is GORGEOUS!
    Hope you ladies have a wonderful weekend!

    Clothes & Quotes

  5. Oh we just love that blazer :)

  6. I've heard of the skimm but haven't used it - I need to!!

  7. I loved that Taylor Swift cover as well!

  8. Nice picks! That Bobbi Brown shadow palette looks perfect! Have a lovely weekend :)


  9. That mash up is amazing, and I am totally drooling over the TB fitbit! Have a great one girls.
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  10. Great favorites ! Love the song mash up :) xo

  11. Hello beautiful lady thank you for the comment! I have never heard of a Fit bit before but that one definitely looks stylish - also loving the blazer!
    Let's keep in touch xx
    Steph at ChicStrawberry

  12. oooo, love your round up of your favourites, thanks for sharing!! that makeup palette is definitely on my wishlist! X

  13. I love that Bobbi Brown palette!

  14. I just got my first neutral palette and boy am I going to have to watch some YouTube videos LOL I"m clueless when it comes to makeup!

  15. Loving your picks.. especially that blazer!
    xo Jaime

  16. Love the eye shadow palette. Thanks for the visit.