Monday, December 1, 2014

"A Tour Through Blogland"

Hi Everyone! We were nominated for "A Tour Through Blogland" by the fabulous Shauna from the blog "Lipgloss and Lace", and we are so excited to participate! Shauna has amazing style and her blog has become one of our favorites to stalk for fashion inspiration! 

We jumped on the chance to show our blog from our perspective. Before we start though, here are some of our favorite posts from the blog lately!

What are we working on?

We have so many projects in the works! We have been loving DIY crafts lately and have so many to share. Some have definitely been failures, but others have been so cute that we know all of our readers are going to love them!

How does our work differ from others in it's genre?

We call our blog an "everything" blog. We don't feel like our interests can be relegated to just fashion, or just beauty, and so we basically write whatever we are feeling for that day. We also try really hard to give our readers a real view of our lives, so you are never going to see a perfect image of us, or hear about everything going right in our lives. Life is messy and although we are constantly trying to improve ourselves, not everything is going to be perfect, and we want our readers to know we think that's okay.

Why do we write/create what we do? 

Although we both are passionate about our jobs, there's more to us than what we do during the day. We both wanted an outlet to share our love of fashion, beauty, home decor, etc. It helps us feel a little bit more balanced, and it makes us carve out time to do more than just work!

 How does our writing/creating process work?

Our writing process is pretty simple. We basically just write about whatever we are doing that week. If we are shopping than you are going to see shopping posts. If we are trying to get more active, you are going to see exercise posts. If we are excited about things we are doing for our homes, you guessed are going to see home decor posts. So far the writing process has been really easy for us because we have so many ideas, and let's face it having two people to brainstorm makes it so much easier to come up with content!

Enough about us, the real reason we were so excited to participate in "A Tour Through Bogland" was to introduce you to two of our favorite bloggers! These ladies are pretty amazing, and we are pretty obsessed with their blogs! Enjoy!

Natalie from Life is Hard But Never Serious
Hey everyone! I'm Natalie, a twenty-something blogger, newlywed, and self-proclaimed expert of nonsense over at Never Serious Blog. In my spare time you'll find me hiding behind my laptop penning posts about celebrities, running, and my affinity for two buck chuck. If poorly organized thoughts, outrageous opinions, and pop culture rants are your thing, you're in the right place. Follow along with me over at Never Serious Blog - where serious giggles and total chaos are guaranteed. 

Brittany from Lawyer Lookbook
Hi, I’m Brittany and I am from Nashville, Tennessee!  I am a lawyer and I love fashion, especially professional style.  In addition to fashion, I love traveling and am a huge animal lover.  I have two Yorkies and they are my world!  I am a firm believer that professional women of all ages can be both successful and stylish, which is why I created the Lawyer Lookbook.  As Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”    

We will be back to our regular content tomorrow! Don't forget to enter the Holiday Giveaway for your chance to win 21 prizes worth over $1800!


  1. Loved learning more about you ladies!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! -xo


  2. Thanks so much for all the love, ladies! :-) As always, your blog looks amazing! I cannot wait to see what 2015 holds in store!


  3. Love the fact that you're a DUO! That's pretty different too! :)