Wednesday, November 19, 2014

House Update: The Fun Stuff

Hi Everyone!

I've finally got to the fun part of building a house: picking everything that goes inside! My in-laws own Westco, a flooring and design store, so the process of choosing what we want the inside of our house to look like has been much easier than it typically would! Jantz and I spent all of Monday night choosing materials we thought would look good. I am super indecisive so I thought I would share some of my ideas here and see what you all think of them!

This is what we are thinking for the kitchen counter tops. I wanted marble but everything I have heard is negative as far as the up keep and maintenance. I really don't have time to babysit a counter top, so I have been searching for other materials that have the same look. This material is granite but has a similar look to the marble I was lusting after. I have also found a similar look in quartz so once we get a final quote for the cost of everything we will make our decision.

This beauty is the back-splash we both love. The picture just doesn't do it justice. The silver is super shiny and eye catching, and the white has the marble look to it like the counter top. I am really leaning towards this for the kitchen backsplash, as well as putting it around the fireplace to tie them together. I like it so much we might use it in the master bathroom as well!

This is my kitchen inspiration. We are going for the same bright white cabinets and dark wood floors. I am obsessed with the contrast! We decided on a grey painted island over black though.

This is the very neutral tile we chose for the master bathroom and hall bathroom. I didn't want to bring a whole lot of attention to the floor so we just went with a basic look. The texture on it is amazing though.

I wasn't sure on this tile, but my husband is obsessed with it so I thought I would let him choose one thing;) We are thinking of putting it in the laundry room, the garage entry, the mudroom, and the half bath. It is very eye-catching, and kind of has the appearance of a wood grain.

This is the wood floor we decided on for basically the whole main floor. It will be in the entry, the great room, the kitchen/pantry, down the hall way, and all throughout the master bedroom. We both aren't the biggest fan of carpets and trying to keep them clean, so hard floors throughout was the goal. I plan to get big area rugs to warm up the spaces. This wood floor has a wax finish instead of a high shine one so it wont show every spec of dust or scratch. (I am super excited about that!)

Let me know what you think and if you have suggestions based on your experiences! 


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