Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Long Hair, Don't Care

(This photo was taken with them in!)

 If your hair is anything like mine, while growing it out would be nice, it takes 7 years to grow 2 inches. Sometimes we just need a quick and easy way to have that beautiful long thick hair that some grow naturally. (lucky souls)
Halo extensions are the most amazing thing I have ever seen for those of us with uncooperative hair. I hadn't until recently found out about these life changers! My fabulous place of employment Suggestions Salon has them available in a ton of colors to match just about anybody's hair. I have tried basically every type of extension in my hair over the years, and this one takes the cake people.

Why I love Halo extensions the most:

1. Cost: You will spend less on these extensions than you would for say a sew in weft.. you are paying by the row for those, whereas the Halo extensions can be put in and taken out by good old YOU.

2. Time Saver: If you have had extensions before you know that they add a good hour to the morning routine if you want them washed, styled, and curled. With the Halo you can curl them on Monday, take them out and put them back in on Wednesday, and still expect them to be perfectly curled. You also do not have to worry about scheduling that annoying appointment to get the hair moved up when it starts to grow out with a typical extension. (money saved!)

3. Protecting Your Luscious Locks: We all know that any type of extension that is attached to your hair is going to cause some damage. How much damage depends on what kind of extension you are doing. I personally had a full head of bead ins at one point, and when I took them out..can somebody say mullet!? I've also had sew ins which were less damaging, but still broke my hair off like crazy along the braided area. The fact that the Halo can be taken out when you sleep, shower, workout, etc., means you are going to save your natural and not so natural hair a lot of extra damage.

4. You Get to Choose: This is the best part! With the Halo extensions you get to decide how long you want the hair to be because they come in a variety of lengths. So if you just want some thickness you can go shorter or the same length as your natural hair, but if you want length and thickness you can go for the longer length. I went for the length and thickness, and have had amazing results.

5. Trick Everyone: My Halo seriously matches the rest of my hair so perfectly, you would never guess that it wasn't my hair in person. This type of extension hair has to be ordered through a salon, and you will want a stylist such as myself to put them in the first time to show you how they are supposed to sit on your head, and to possibly do some blending if necessary.

If you have any questions about these gems just let me know!


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