Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

I am going to use today's Friday Favorites as a sounding board for opinions on some of the things I am trying to decide on for my house! Please give me your thoughts and opinions on what you think would look best!!





1. This is the style of sink I'm thinking for the kitchen. Do any of you have the apron front style? I have been debating between white or stainless steel as well, any opinions or experiences on either would be much appreciated!

2. I reallllly want to do wainscoting on my entry and family room walls. What do you guys think? This is also the paint color I am leaning towards. Once I get to the point that I need to make a paint color choice I will post a few color options and see what you guys think.

3. This is the way I'm leaning for the stair railings. I have been told I'm crazy for doing white because if I have kids they will be destroyed.. thoughts?

4. This is my main fireplace inspiration. I was thinking I would match the back-splash in the kitchen to the tile around the fireplace. And then the wood molding look to tie in the wainscoting on the walls. Is it too much white? I think I'm going for a blank canvas, that way I can bring in the color with the decor. It is still early enough to change my mind though!

Please comment below and let me know what you think of my ideas. I am so open right now to any tips!