Monday, September 22, 2014

St. Thomas on my mind...

St. Thomas was my favorite port. It is such a gorgeous island! Our excursion was a trip to Trunk Bay in St. John. We rode a ferry to St. John which ended up  a lot more fun than in St. Maarten. No seasickness from anyone in the family and they had a guide on board the ship that told us all about the islands which kept the 45 minute ride really interesting. 75% of St. John is a national park thanks to the Rockefeller family so the island is largely uninhabited and absolutely breathtaking. We snorkeled at Trunk Bay and relaxed in the crystal clear waters. After St. John, Sky and I did some shopping at the port which was duty and tax free. So basically it was the perfect day😉 I definitely plan on making a trip to St. Thomas and St. John again, next time for more than a day! 


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  1. Now you're makin' me want to look into St Thomas for honeymoon spots!