Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to Get the Most Out of Atlantis

 Awesome shallow water fountain, perfect for kids!
 That would be me plummeting to my death on a free fall slide, this slide drops you through a shark tank and rips off your swimming suit. ;) But it is so much fun.
These are the race slides, they show your speed getting down the slide. They are so fun for those competitive people in your group. (that would be my husband winning on the left)
 This is a view from the beach connected to the water park. If you want to go hang out in the ocean for a little bit during the day there is super easy access.
Also a photo from the beach of the tower that houses some of the bigger slides in the park.
Goodbye Atlantis!

Atlantis was our final port on our fabulous cruise. The weather was iffy that day so the water park closed a few times due to the lightning and rain. The thunder out on the ocean is so loud!! It is like nothing you have ever heard.

The Atlantis water park is worth planning a vacation for if you have never been. I have been 3 times now, and it was a blast every time! There is something for everyone, and the not so lazy river is perfect. There are belts that take you up to the slides in your tube so you don't have to walk :)

Tips To Get The Most From Your Atlantis Trip!

Like I said though this park is so fun for an entire week, but if you're stopping there on a cruise port, and only have 6 hours like we did, you can still have an amazing time! Follow our advice to make sure you get the most out of your Atlantis shore excursion!

1) Don't waste time getting lunch, just wait until you get back on the ship. So many people waste time sitting down to eat at the restaurants or just walking around. Save that for when you are in Atlantis for more than 1 day. There are too many fun things to do there to waste it eating!

2) Get to the big slides that go through the shark tanks first before the lines get long, and then hit the lazy river and all of the slides there. You will at least make it through every attraction once, and if you don't lose an hour due to rain like we did, you should have some extra time to ride things more than once. 

3) Save the aquariums for bad weather, or for the end of the day. The aquariums are cool, but they aren't cooler than the slides and lazy river and you will see really cool ocean life as you are walking from the parking lot to the adventure park.

4) Stay until the very last shuttle time. Don't worry, they won't leave without you! So many people left early because they forgot somehow that it's only a 5 minute trip from the park to the port. Don't be one of them!

5) Hustle! Don't plan on Atlantis being a day of just had 3 days at sea to relax. Atlantis is the port to use all of that saved energy! We raced around the park and got to hit everything we wanted to several times, even with the rain delay. We were exhausted at the end of the day, but it was so worth it!

6) Have a plan. We knew exactly what we were going to do as soon as we set foot in the park. It helped so much. If you don't have anyone with you who has been there before, look up a map online of the park so you can map out a gameplan. This will help so much in getting the most out of your day!

We all agreed that the park is worth the money spent to get in, and definitely worth a second, third, and fourth visit! Use these tips to get the most out of your Atlantis shore excursion! 


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