Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Adventures in St. Maarten

Hi Everyone! 

Today we are sharing with you our adventure in St. Maarten, our first stop on the cruise. We decided to do a catamaran/snorkel excursion there...and it was certainly an adventure. It happened to be Danica's birthday, and poor girl had the worst seasickness on the catamaran. We also witnessed my father in law throwing up over the side of the catamaran...it was his first time on the ocean on a little boat and he obviously did not have his sea legs yet. They both were completely fine on the cruise ship, but the combination of waves and a little boat was enough to send them over the edge. The excursion still had some great snorkeling and sightseeing though, so it wasn't completely miserable!
View of the cruise ships from the boat. Ours is the one with the painted hull.
We snorkeled off the catamaran, and then went to a beach nearby to hang out. It was beautiful!
After the excursion we did some exploring in St. Maarten. St. Maarten is the dutch side of the island. The island is split in half by France and the Netherlands. Each side has a very distinctive culture. 
A funny bar we walked by.
I thought this hotel was so pretty.
Danica tried her first French macaroon ironically on the Dutch side of the island. Still delicious though.

Tune in tomorrow for an outfit post from my favorite port, St. Thomas and St. John.


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