Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jessica's Friday Favorites

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This meme describes perfectly how I feel today. It's been a crappy week full of me not feeling good every single day! But thankfully Friday is here, and it's time for my favorites for the week!

1. Strawberry Crunch Cake: Danica and I have cut out sugar for the month in preparation for our upcoming family cruise in September! So that is probably why all I can think of lately is treats...and this treat in particular looks amazing to me. I'm trying to figure out a way that the strawberries counteract the sugar so that it actually counts as a fruit instead of a dessert. I know I'm dreaming, but you should still make it and then tell me how it is:)

2. Mongolian Pillow: This furry pillow from Z-Gallerie is just what I need to add some fun to my master bed ensemble. Unfortunately it's quite pricey so I'm waiting until Black Friday when Z-Gallerie goes 30% off to buy it. I can start planning now right?

3. Gold Striped Vase Tutorial: This gold vase tutorial is amazing. I have used gold accents all over my house and this is something I need to add. Stay tuned for pictures from when Danica and I try it out.

4. Date Makeup Tutorial by Maskcara: If you haven't checked out Maskcara's makeup blog, you are missing out. It's my absolute favorite for makeup tutorials and new products. Every product I have ever tried, that she has suggested, has been amazing. My 4th anniversary is next week and I can't wait to try out this look for my hott date night out with the hubs!

5. Buxom Cream Lip Gloss in Pink Lady: This gloss was one of Maskcara's suggestions. It's perfect. It plumps my lips and is the most amazing light pink color. I love this whole line, but this color is definitely my favorite.

6. Elf HD Blush: I started trying this blush after seeing it on Pinterest. It's pretty fantastic. Especially because you can buy it at Target or Walmart and its only $3. A little bit goes a long way, so it lasts forever, and they have the perfect shades of pink. When I'm going to be photographed or in the sun all day I use it with powder blush and it stays looking amazing and vibrant all day.

7. Boom Clap by Charli XCX: This song is my jam right now. Someone from the copy center may or may not have come into my office this week while I was dancing to it and singing along. I seriously can't get the chorus out of my head, and neither will you after you hear it. You can thank me later;)

We hope you have an amazing weekend! Thanks for all the support you give us everyday!


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