Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finding Your Inner Fashionista featuring Karina Powell

Hi Everyone! 

Today we are so excited to have Karina Powell from the blog Mr. and Mrs. Powell guest posting. Karina is basically a perfect human. She is gorgeous, talented, has a thousand watt smile, and is literally the most darling girl you will ever meet. Her blog is so much fun to follow as she and her adorable family have the funnest adventures! Today she is sharing with us what she looks for in her personal style. She is quite the fashionista, so enjoy her tips! XOXO

Hi Brooke & Jane Readers!

My name is Karina Powell and I am the lady behind the words on "Mr. and Mrs. Powell". 
I am honored to be guest posting today. I know Jessica personally and think she is the sweetest thing.

I am a wife and mommy to the two cutest boys on the planet. They are my absolute world.
I have a passion for fitness, food, fashion, travel and obviously my family.
I truly love blogging and like writing about whatever I feel like for the day.

Today I'm going to tackle Personal Style.
It's such a broad topic and I will touch a tiny part of it.
I am not a fashion blogger by any means but I believe it's good to have a personal style.

Personal Style helps define you and make you... YOU.
Side note that sometimes I find more joy in styling my child these days.
There's just something about baby clothes that gets me way too excited for my own good!

My husband says that talking to me in a mall, is like talking to a brick wall.
(and I say the same thing about him when he is watching ESPN)
As soon as I walk in my eyes are scanning the room.
It's like I can't look fast enough.

What do I look for??
These are three things that catch my eye.

#1. COLOR. I LOVE color.
Especially in the Summer. The brighter, the better.
Whether I'm putting my boys in bright colors, or myself, color makes me happy.
 If I am wearing a more neutral color outfit, I love bringing out color in my accessories, shoes, or lips.

#2. Prints. I have a weak spot for polka dots, stripes, and floral.
Prints that are flattering yet not over the top.

#3. Feminine clothes.
Skirts, dresses, heels, ruffles, bows, flattering fitted tops, and jewelry that sparkles.
I like clothes that make me feel good when I wear them.
I'm a total girly girl and I'm not afraid to show that through my wardrobe.

Choosing your OWN personal style is important.
Choose items that make you happy.
Not things that make Martha down the street happy, things that make YOU happy.
If it makes you feel good when you wear it, then you are on the right track.

Don't be afraid to try something new!
I am totally that girl that sees an outfit on someone and says to myself or my husband,
"She can pull that off, I couldn't pull that outfit off"
You don't know until you try.

Choose a style that fits your standards, and reflects who YOU are.
Your style says a lot about your personality and it's ok to wear it on your sleeve :)

Thanks for letting me stop in! Come check out our little sweet spot and say hi! XO

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