Thursday, July 10, 2014

Perfect Beach Waves Tutorial

Hi guys! Brooke here,

As some of you know I am a hair stylist! I have been doing it for about 7 years. Currently I am at Suggestions Salon in Orem, Utah, and I'm loving it! Since doing hair is such a big part of my life I will of course be implementing that into my portion of the blog. Today I am going to share a tutorial on how I do my beachy waves. It is my go to hairstyle. I will typically do it for church or a date night out with the hubs, but it really works for just about anything!

Mythic Oil from Loreal Professional: I seriously love this stuff and it's perfect for any hair type. It's basically like a drink of water for your hair. It is only sold at Loreal Professional salons, so let me know if you want it and I can get it for you.

Big Sexy Hair Spray: My other go-to product for this hairstyle. I have been using this brand for years and it hasn't let me down yet.

Conair Curling Iron: I use a basic Conair curling iron with a 1 inch barrel as my weapon of choice for this hairstyle. I've made it into a curling wand by unscrewing the clamp. It works like a champ!


I will typically wash my hair at night when I am planning on doing my hair in waves the next day. I put it in a braid and just sleep on it wet so in the morning I have some natural wave already in my hair. For really straight, fine hair like mine this is really helpful.


If your hair is still a little bit damp when you wake up just blow dry it upside down for a minute to give it some volume, you can take your hair and clip it off in sections or just leave it down like I did in my video tutorial, it really just depends on how much hair you have. At this point you can just start waiving like I did in my video.


Finished product! Like I did in my video, just toss your hair around and shake it out. That is really what I love the most about the hairstyle, I don't feel like I have to be careful with it like when It's fancy curled. You can't really mess this one up once you figure out how to do it and it lasts all day.

If you have any questions about how to do this hair style feel free to comment below!

P.S. Are you all as excited as I am about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which started today for cardholders?


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