Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Finding Your Decorating Style 101 by Heather Porlier

Jane here,

 I am so excited that my good friend Heather from The Simplicity Rules is joining us today! She is a total babe inside and out with the most amazing sense of style! Check out her tips for finding your own decorating style below!

On several occasions I have been asked to help friends identify their decorating style. I understand this dilemma. Of course, we are fully aware that there will always be more important things in the world other than decorating one's house, but in my mind, your home is your oasis and should thus be a total reflection of you and your fabulous personality. This can really be much easier said that done. In today's Pinterest, decor magazine-infused world, you may find yourself at a loss to narrow down what it is that you actually enjoy versus what you are just copying out of a picture because you think that it's "correct" when it comes to "good" styling. And this brings me to my first step...

1. Be Inspired, But Never Copy.
Gather images via web or print that inspire you. Find a common color scheme, and overall "feel" that you may be drawn to, such as casual or maybe modern.

2. Never Be Afraid to Take Risks. Avoid focusing too much on whether things will match. Rather, develop a collection of items that you love and your space will ultimately begin to reflect you. Mesh pieces from all different places together. Mix patterns that you love. Never be afraid to just try something. You may love it. There are no rules.

3. Rome Wasn't Built in a Day.
Decor and styling should always be created in layers. A room is never truly complete because you as a person (that includes your style) are always changing and evolving. Allow a space to develop in layers and over time as you find pieces that you love. Resist the urge to get a total matching set of furniture and all of the elements of your space in just one trip to just one place.

4. Mix Textures.
I know I said collect things that you love, but if you really love suede, that doesn't mean everything should be suede, of course. Instead find at least 4 different textures that you like. Wood, linen, metel, etc. and give them all a little piece of your room pie.

5. Have Fun With It.
Duh. I just wanted to have 5 tips instead of 4, because 4 doesn't feel as awesome as 5. You feel me? But seriously, just have fun with it.

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