Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Circuit Training with the "Sugar Plum Runner"

Hey Everyone!

Today we are so excited to have Sharsti from the Sugar Plum Runner guest posting with us! She's one of those few people who is gorgeous, fit, creative, and an amazing mom. So it's obvious why I love getting fitness and home decor tips from her, and why I avidly follow her blog! Today she is sharing with us a killer cardio circuit workout! Enjoy!

Hi Brooke and Jane Readers!

My name is Sharsti and I'm the blogger behind the Sugar Plum Runner. I love writing about my workouts, recipes, recent DIY projects, and of course my family. I'm lucky enough to be a stay at home mom to my almost 3 year old Jackson and wife to my handsome hubby Josh.


I'm honored to be guest posting and can't wait to share with you a great workout that will kick your booty.  I promise you will want to kill me and thank me all at the same time after you complete this. Of course my first love is running, but I also love circuits so why not combine them?

If you have a treadmill great. You can set up your circuit at the gym, at home, or even outside. You'll need a 1 mile loop, weights or soup cans(whatever you have), and motivation to get it done! In this workout I've combined all of my favorite moves that work out multiple areas at the same time.

*I convinced my little sis to photograph me doing all the moves, as a result I'm laughing in most of them because nothing can be too serious with her(:

Start out with a 1 mile warm up jog
 photo IMG_2133_zps3d4fe47b.jpg

1 minute Squat Shoulder Press
Step 1
 photo IMG_2159_zpsb4dec970.jpg

Step 2
 photo IMG_2155_zps2fa019f5.jpg

1 minute Bicep Curls
Step 1
 photo IMG_2164_zps2a93a87c.jpg
Step 2
 photo IMG_2165_zpse3d835d8.jpg
1 Mile comfortable pace

1 minute Alternating Plank Front Raise
 photo IMG_2157_zpsb6bcdb75.jpg

1 minute Bicep Curls

1 mile comfortable pace

1 minute Shoulder T's
Step 1
 photo IMG_2161_zpsdc20f867.jpg
Step 2
  photo IMG_2160_zps03a4639e.jpg

1 minute Bicep curls

.5 mile cool down

Thanks again for letting me stop by! Hope you check out the Sugar Plum Runner for some more great workouts(:
 photo IMG_2151_zps3ff6349b.jpg

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