Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorites

Jessica's favorite things this week:

1. Kate Spade Sale: 25% off all sale items with code MORESALE.

My picks:


2.  The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls: I couldn't put this down. It's an achingly beautiful story that you would be crazy to not read. Based on real events, the author's story is a story of triumph against all odds, and the unconditional love of a profoundly flawed family. Catchy right? Seriously, check it out.

3. West Elm Pillows: These pillows are on my must buy list for July. But really you couldn't go wrong on any of the pillows offered by West Elm. Here's to hoping they go on sale again soon....

4. This dessert: I don't think the combination of s'mores and pie could possibly taste anything other than amazing right? I'm making this ASAP and so should you.

5. This Etsy Shop: I absolutely love Jaxnblvd's shop. I have already bought one sign from her,and I plan to buy a lot more. I'm serious guys, follow her on Instagram for one day, and you will be dreaming about her signs as well.

6. These Wedges. Because Target rocks. And because I never end up coming out of Target with only what I went in for.

My plans for the weekend include a lot of rest...this week has been crazy.  Tune in next week for one of our favorite recipes, a "Working Woman's Guide to Half-Marathon Training", and a guest blogger! 

                        Have a great weekend!



    I read Glass Castle last year on my way to NYC, and I finished it in the three hour plane ride. It's one of my favorite books of ALL time. I love Bios.

    I'm running to Target today to blow some money and I'm crossing my fingers they have those wedges, I need a good neutral pair.

    1. You definitely need those shoes in your life. They are in stock online if you can't find them in the store.

    2. brooke here..I own the wedges and they are seriously so comfy! i couldn't ask for more in a pair of shoes. AND they match every single thing i own.

  2. The Glass Castle has been on my must-read list forever! Now I really better read it! (Also, you've gotta read JK Rowling's new mystery, the Silkworm! It's awesome!)

    1. I'll put the Silkworm next on my list! Let me know what you think of The Glass Castle!