Friday, March 23, 2018

How to make Easter morning fun for little kids!

It is more fun for me to put together Crew's Easter basket than it is for him to get it I think haha. I never spend too much. We don't do anything expensive, just little things to make the day fun and exciting. I have been teaching him about the Easter bunny and reading Easter books recently and it is so cute to hear him talk about Peter Cotton tail coming to visit his house and bring toys and treats.

This year I plan to print off some bunny foot prints and tape them randomly from the front door to the fire place where the baskets will be. I am going to hide his Easter eggs around the house instead of putting them in his basket so that he can go around and hunt for them. Im trying to avoid candy so I will just put gold fish, fruit snacks and little toys in the eggs.

I like to try and get practical things that he needs for his basket. He is obsessed with my electric toothbrush so we got him his own to make brushing his teeth more fun! This one is from Target and was only $3.99. I found the cute egg shaped chalk in the Target dollar spot along with the cars and light up wand. He will be getting summer jammies, those are to the left of the baskets and I purchased the bunny ear headband from he dollar store to put on both boys for pictures that morning. Crew will also be getting a coloring book with some new crayons. Cole is only 5 months old so I didn't do much for his basket this year just some jammies and a little toy.

The cute bunny baskets are from Pottery Barn. They are on sale right now for $13! I wanted to find baskets that my kids could use over and over and these are such great quality.

We are Christian so Easter is a sacred holiday for us as well so I will be trying to implement some spiritual elements like playing church music throughout the day. I also found a cute kids book explaining the meaning behind the day. Our General Conference happens to land on Easter this year. I am really looking forward to the uplifting talks that will be given by our church leaders. What a better day for it than the day our thoughts are on the resurrection of our Savior.

I hope that this gave you some cute ideas for your Easter baskets this year!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Harper's First Birthday

I have to give myself a pat on the back for this party because it turned out AMAZING! Once again I have a million pictures for you to look through, but sorry not sorry! It was too hard to pick! I have been planning Harper's first birthday party probably since she was born haha! My husband was not thrilled with the theme of unicorns but I saw so many cute unicorn themed parties on Pinterest that I had to give it a shot! I had so many people help me make it perfect! My cute mother-in-law made the cake using a topper from Etsy (I'll link below), and I found the rest of the decor from a mixture of Hobby Lobby, HomeGoods, Target, and Etsy. One of my sweet friends at work made the table skirt for me, and it turned out so good. There was so much stitching involved and she was so sweet to do it for me! I had asked one of my super talented best friends to do the gold Harper sign for me and she ended up surprising me with the gorgeous unicorn picture! I still can't believe she drew that! She recently opened up an Etsy page and you need to check out her work! She is crazy talented! She can make anything! The balloon garland was a little bit of a beast to put together, but between Skyler and my family who came in from Texas the day before the party, they all helped me out big time getting everything set up the night before the party. Of course the amazing pictures can once again be credited to the oh so talented CaliStoddard Photography! I love getting to plan my daughter's parties! I'm the luckiest mom in the world to have such a sweet, wonderful, little person to take care of! Being her mom is the best. I may or may not have started planning her second birthday already hahaha.

Party Details

Invitation: Etsy
Favor Sign: Etsy
Unicorn Figurines: HomeGoods
Balloon Garland: ChrissyBPartyShop
Cake Topper: Etsy
Favor Bags: Etsy
Heart Candy Dish: Target
Tassel Garland: Etsy
First Birthday Banner: Etsy
Cookies: TheCookieBank
Harper Sign and Unicorn Picture: CocoricoBoutique